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, it could break and if it breaks, kerry wins. obama was polling the same way the whole time. in 2000 there was this assumption that it was going to break for bush and it never did. >> for those of us who work long hours, sometimes it's hard to remember, it's exciting. it's an exciting time, right? it could go either way. i think what you're seeing is part of the reason that it's not. we always talk about a break and then don't end up seeing onenessly. it's all about turnout now. it's all about getting voters to the polls. so who has momentum and who doesn't, it's a momentum game. >> number two, the break for gore and it was barely -- and the real break happened in democratic senate races. >> it's interesting, going back to 1984, very quickly, the difference in that break and obviously we were still in diapers back then -- >> i was out of diapers. maybe i shouldn't have been. >> veg began appeared to have the confidence and appeared to be the incumbent. >> i've had romney people admit to me they have to have some momentum. they believe it's a point in turnout. that's why they are real
the president up by just four points. this week a minneapolis star tribune poll showed a three-point race in minnesota. the romney campaign says this is evidence they have expanded the map. the obama campaign says this expansion of advertising shows it's a sign that romney has run out of routes to 270 electoral routes in the nine battlegrounds and needs more ways to get there, so they're throwing hail marys. expanding the map is something the romney campaign has tried to do all along. the question is, is it too late? the bottom line if romney does somehow win nationally by four or five points which is what they believe in the end, then not only will they win the battlegrounds, they will win one, two, maybe three of those leaning states we talked about. throw in oregon. but if this is the one-point race it's a different ball game and those three states probably stay in the leaning column. mitt romney tries to get back in campaign mode today. kicks off his final push to election day. a string of campaign events in a state that they believe is already leaning in their kcolum, the state of fl
. by 2008, independents accounted for nearly a third, 29%, and they broke significantly for president obama. he beat john mccain among them 52-44%. but the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds romney leading nationally by six points. why is that important in virginia? according to the new "washington post" poll, 36% of virginia voters now say they are independent, more than democrats, more than republicans. that's the largest voting bloc. let's look at the 2008 map to see where the president did well and where he needs to overperform this time. if you look here, i'm going to circle our little blue counties here. i'm going to show you where the places here, and i switch over to the 2004, you'll see all this blue disappear in the areas that i just circled. and when you look, you see where a large chunk of the independents live. in the norfolk area, in the northern neck, and in the outer suburbs of washington, d.c. you see what remained blue and what didn't. i'll show it to you again. watch our little maps, and the blue color, you see from the northern neck to norfolk, that's where
that translates to enthusiasm or more people going to the polls, i don't know. and finally, really quickly, they're going to be watching cuyohoga county. not a swing county but marking a victory beat for barack obama. >> how strickland lost in 2010. all margins. his margin in cuyohoga much smaller than they had planned on. chris jansing i know you'll have more coming up. we'll have a special edition of chris's show live from ohio, 10:00 right here on msnbc. all right. stocks getting a boost from the better than expected october jobs report. wall street just opening 33 seconds ago. let's get the market rundown. becky quick is here. not much bad news in this jobs report. >> no. >> hard to find any isn't it? >> if you nit pick you can find a couple things but all in all this is a really strong report. numbers came in better than expected on just about every count. if you were looking at the number of jobs created it was 171,000. that was better than the 125,000 people had been expecting that economists had been expecting. you also could take a look at the revisions over the last couple months. appa
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)